Rebuilt Transmission & Transfer Case Policy

OUR STANDARD policy is 1 Year with unlimited miles.

All parts in our remanufactured products meet or exceed all original manufactures specifications!


NEW OR REBUILT UNIT HAS NO OIL IN IT! Add the proper amount of the recommended lubricant to the unit and check it often. We will not honor a claim for transmission failure due to lack of lubricant in the system.


· Policy coverage is for 1-year, unlimited miles.

· Policy is for the original purchaser and not transferable.

· Any policy work and / or goodwill repairs performed do not create a new policy or extend the original policy period.

· We reserve the right to refund the full original purchase price in lieu of all claims made under this policy.

· We do not offer any labor reimbursement of any kind and only repair units at our facility.

· This policy is void if any unauthorized person/entity tampers with the transmission assembly.

In enforcing any of the terms, Choice of Law: Terms and conditions herein will be constructed and governed by the Laws of the State of Texas and Venue for any litigates arriving from the sale of products will be prosecuted in Bexar County, Texas.

Note: 99% of all factory defects occur within the first thirty days of installation.


This policy is valid to only the original purchaser named in the transaction and only for the transmission described on the applicable transaction number. This policy does not include any other material, labor, components, or parts of the vehicle other than the specific transmission and components provided. If failure of a transmission should occur during the specified policy period and it is determined the failure is due to a defect in workmanship or parts installed by us, we will replace or repair the defective unit to the original buyer. Limited to replacement or refund of the transmission only and requires a Return Authorization number.

It is the express responsibility of the customer to contact and return the transmission at the owner’s expense to us or a facility designated by us.

If after inspection of the transmission, it is found faulty due to parts or assembly, we will refund shipping charges.

International freight charges are not guaranteed.

Policy Exclusions

· Loss of time or use

· Loss of income or revenue

· Loss of transportation or vehicle rental

· Equipment rental

· Any towing charges

· Diagnostic time, fluids, filters, or shop supplies

· Fluid starvation for any reason

· Damage caused by misuse and neglect, or accident

· Improper installation. You must follow special installation protocols or OEM installation instructions for the unit.

· Abnormal wear from contaminated oil (fuel or dirt)

· Vehicle used for towing purposes unless a proper transmission cooler has been installed

· Use of unit in snowplow

· Improperly installed PTO's (Power Take Off)

· Vehicle Modifications including aftermarket tune, performance programmer(chip), aftermarket engine modifications, EGR/Catalytic Convertor deletes, transmission alterations.

Once a claim has been initiated, the purchaser may not continue to operate the vehicle until a claim decision has been made continued operation will void the claim.



So that we can continuously supply our customers with high-quality remanufactured units, we ask that a core be returned on specific units.

If you are purchasing a unit in which a core charge is required, please read our core policy to be sure you understand and accept our guidelines.

· Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

· Cores must be returned within 30 days of purchase, or you forfeit the core charge and replacement policy.

· Cores that have cracks in the case are unacceptable and are at risk of being rejected.

· Cores must be complete, fully assembled, and contain the original components within the case.

· Cores damaged in transit are subject to rejection as it is the buyer’s responsibility to properly package the core.

Please drain all fluids from the core before packaging. Once the core is returned, the unit will be inspected to ensure it is within our acceptance guidelines. If your core arrives in acceptable condition, you will be refunded promptly. If a core is rejected for any reason, you will be notified by our office. There may be certain deductions prior to issuing a credit whether it be for damaged components or any return shipping charges in which were prepaid on your behalf. In the event deductions need to be taken you will be notified.