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Ford Tremec T5, T45 & TR3650 Shifter Knobs

Looking for a Ford shifter knob that makes your transmission look as good as it feels? We carry Tremec shifter knobs that fit the 5- and 6-speed manuals used in many Blue Oval vehicles, including the Mustang. Aluminum shift balls are available in black and white with a brushed or polished finish. Don’t want to wear an oven mitt when you drive your car in the summer? We also have plastic balls in black and white.

Both the T6 and T5 shifter knobs have M16x1.5 threads, along with adapters for .312 x 8, .375 x 16, .375 x 24 and .50 x 24 threads. That means they’ll fit most applications using BorgWarner or Tremec transmissions.