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Mitsubishi Manual Transmission Parts

Keep your Mitsubishi in great condition with our replacement parts for transmissions. Car transmission replacements can be expensive at dealership and repair shop prices, but with Allstate Gear’s wholesale pricing, your transmission parts won’t cost as much. We offer high quality and affordable Mitsubishi parts online, so you can ship them right to your front door.
Our 5 speed manual transmission bearing kit fits older Mitsubishi cars dating between 1990-1999 such as the F5M33 Mitsubishi 3000 GT. We also offer an array of replacement parts for other vehicles, including Kia, Mini Cooper, Volvo, and more.

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F5M33 GT3000 5 Speed Bearing Kit, BK366 - Mitsubishi Repair Parts | Allstate Gear F5M33 GT3000 5 Speed Bearing Kit, BK366

F5M42 Transmission Bearing Kit, BK497A

Our Price: $179.12

Mitsubishi Transmission Parts