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G56 Shifter

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Dodge G56 Shifter Boot G56-86 - Dodge Transmission Stick Part Dodge G56 Shifter Boot, G56-86

Dodge G56 Shifter Boot, G56-86

Our Price: $14.95

G56 Shifter Access Cover Kit G56-C1 - Dodge Transmission Top | Allstate Gear G56 Shifter Access Cover Kit, G56-C1

G56 Shifter Access Cover Kit, G56-C1
Fits 2005-up Dodge G56 6 Speed Transmissions
4 covers and 16 screws per kit as shown in photo

Our Price: $18.77

The shifter components for the Dodge G56 transmission typically include the shifter lever, bushings, pivot balls, and associated hardware. These components are responsible for transferring the driver's input to engage and disengage the gears during shifting.

To find shifter components for the G56 transmission, you can check with automotive parts stores, online retailers, or specialized transmission parts suppliers. Make sure to provide the correct year, make, and model of your Dodge truck along with the G56 transmission to ensure compatibility with the components you need.

It is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic or reference a repair manual for the specific procedures and specifications required for replacing shifter components in the G56 transmission. Replacing these components may involve disassembling the interior console or accessing the underside of the vehicle, so having the right tools and knowledge is important for a successful repair.