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Manual Transmission & Transfer Case Parts

Nissan Murano Transfer Case seal Kit, TSK-500 NV3500 GM Clutch Fork, T826
NV3500 GM Clutch Fork, T826
Our Price: $23.50

New Dodge NV4500 Transmission, NV4500-KE Borg Warner T10 Extension Housing, 1304566005

Your Go-To Manual Transmission Parts Supplier

Driving a car with a manual transmission is not only fun, but it also provides a number of advantages over driving a car with an automatic transmission. For example, a manual transmission gives you more control over your vehicle, cuts down on distractions and is less expensive to maintain. However, like everything with moving parts, it will not last forever, and eventually you will need to shop for manual transmission rebuild kits. When the time comes, you will find that purchasing stick shift parts online will provide the best deal.

At Allstate Gear Inc., we offer a wide variety of remanufactured manual transmissions and standard transmission parts for nearly any vehicle on the road today. We are one of the most trusted manual transmission parts suppliers in the country and serve a long list of transmission supply houses, motor vehicle dealers and transmission rebuilders. Contact us today for all of your manual transmission needs, including shifter kits, transfer case parts, rebuilt transfer cases and differential parts.

Today's Super Deal!

Jeep NV3550 Short Throw Shifter Kit

Our Price: $139.10
Jeep NV3550 Short Throw Shifter Kit, 30617-KIT
Jeep NV3550 Short Throw Shifter Kit, 30617-KIT

Top Sellers

M5R2 Ford F150 Shifter Stub Kit, M5R2-105K
Our Price: $44.30
NP246 Master Rebuild Kit
Our Price: $299.10
M5R1 Shifter Stub Kit
Our Price: $45.10
M50D Ranger Shifter Repair Kit, M50-SK
Our Price: $14.80
M5R2 Ford F150 Shifter Stub, M5R2-105
Our Price: $29.50

New Products

Dodge G56 5-6 Synchronizer Ring, G56-14
Our Price: $79.50
NV5600 Main Case Detent
Our Price: $11.69
Dodge G56 Synchronizer Ring Kit, SRK474
Our Price: $679.50