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NP231 Chains

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Transfer Case Chain HV022 - Small NP207 Transfer Case Repair Part Transfer Case Chain, HV022

Transfer Case Chain, HV022

Our Price: $48.95

NP231 NP233 Chain HV027 - NP231 Transfer Case Replacement Part Jeep NP231 Transfer Case Chain, HV027

NP231, NP233 Transfer Case Chain, HV027

Our Price: $76.00

NP231 Drive Sprocket 1.25 Wide Chain 19043 - NP231 Transfer Case Part NP231 Drive Sprocket 1.25 Wide Chain, 19043

NP231 Drive Sprocket, 19043

Our Price: $154.60


NP231 Transfer Case Chain Replacements & Kits

The Jeep NP231 transfer case, first used in 1988 when installed in the Jeep YJ Wrangler and both YJ and MJ Cherokees featuring the Command Trac option, was first called the 231 AMC. Later, when AMC was bought out by Chrysler, it was renamed the New Process 231 (NP231). The 231 became one of the most popular and reliable chain-driven transfer cases during the 1980s and early 1990s. It was produced until 2006 but has continued to be well represented in the truck parts aftermarket. You can get a great NP 231 chain upgrade right here.

If you're doing an NP231 transfer case chain upgrade, we've got high-quality NP231 transfer case chain and drive sprocket replacement parts at some great prices. These NP 231 chains are 1.25” wide, with 31 links, and will fit BorgWarner 1350 or 1354 transfer cases as well as NP207, 231 and 233 transfer cases. Choose this NP231 wide chain kit for installation on the 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty. It also fits several GM and Dodge transfer cases.