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NV4500 Synchro Ring Kits

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NV4500 Synchro Ring Kit 5 Rings, SRK308 - Dodge Transmission Parts | Allstate Gear NV4500 Synchro Ring Kit 5 Rings, SRK308

NV4500 Synchro Ring Kit, 5 Rings, SRK308

Our Price: $92.50

NV4500 Synchronizer Ring Kit 6 Rings, SRK308A - Dodge Repair Parts | Allstate Gear NV4500 Synchronizer Ring Kit 6 Rings, SRK308A

NV4500 Synchronizer Ring Kit, SRK308A

Our Price: $99.50


NV4500 Synchronizer Replacement Kits

The NV4500 (New Venture Gear 4500) was a popular five-speed manual transmission used between 1991-2007 in GM and Chrysler light-duty and full-sized pickup trucks. The NV4500 is still popular as an upgrade transmission for a variety of SUVs and light trucks, including those from Ford, Toyota, GM, Jeep and Dodge. These transmissions all have gear synchronizers, which function to synchronize the speeds of the input and output gearbox shafts during a gear-shifting operation. If you're doing repair work and require NV4500 synchronizer ring replacement (or blocker ring replacement) parts, you'll find them here. You have access here to both five-ring and six-ring NV4500 synchronizer kits. These GM and Dodge NV4500 synchronizers should be selected on the basis of whether your NV4500 transmission contains five rings or six rings. The two NV4500 synchro kits are not interchangeable. As always, we aim to be your source for everything you need for your NV4500 rebuild.