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NP231 NP241 Extension Housing 17477 - NP231 Shafts NP231 Repair Part | Allstate Gear NP231 NP241 Extension Housing, 17477

NP231 Extension Housing, 17477

Our Price: $42.12

NP241DHD Rear Case Half, 21653 - Transfer Case Repair Parts NP241 DLD DHD Rear Case Half, 21653

NP241DHD Rear Case Half, 21653

Our Price: $139.98


New Process 241 (NP241) Housings

All 4WD vehicles use a transfer case to send transmission power to the front and rear axles. If you're having problems with the transfer case on your 4x4, it must be repaired/replaced for your vehicle to run properly. If you're driving a 1989 or newer GM 1/2- or 3/4-ton pickup or 1988 or newer Dodge 1/2- or 3/4-ton pickup, your rig is outfitted with a New Process Gear 241, 241D or 241HD chain-drive transfer case. When looking for repair/replacement parts, you'll find we carry NP 241DHD transfer case parts, including the New Process 241 transfer case housing. We also have NP241C parts, Speedo gear housings, Dodge 241 transfer case parts, Chevy 241 transfer case parts and Jeep 241 transfer case parts in our total inventory of transfer case parts. As always, we strive to be your source for all things manual transmission.